Leaf Living Application Terms and Conditions

Key dates

  1. I/we agree that the Deadline for Agreement will 3 working days before the expected move in date. 
  2. I understand that the Deadline for Agreement is the last date by which we agree to have entered into a Tenancy Agreement. I/We will return the signed contract by the Deadline for Agreement. This date can be varied by either party if mutually agreed in writing. 

Terms and conditions of offer

  1. I/We understand that the Primary Applicant's agreement to these Terms and Conditions is on behalf of the entire household.
  2. I/We understand that the property will only be held upon payment of holding deposit
  3. I/We agree the holding deposit equal to one weeks' rent (capped at £500) must be paid via the Application Portal. By making this payment I am confirming that I am the cardholder and have authorisation to make the holding deposit payment. If it comes to Leaf Living's attention that I do not have authorisation to make the holding deposit payment, I authorise Leaf Living to release the details of those on the application form to third parties.
  4. I/We understand that the “move in date” stated on the application form is subject to the property being ready to occupy, the referencing being completed, the Tenancy Agreement/other tenancy documents being completed, and the final payment being made. While I/we and Leaf Living will do our best to ensure this date is met, this is subject to change if all elements mentioned in this statement are not completed in a timely manner.
  5. I/We have discussed that to rent this property, there is a certain minimum guaranteed income required per household to ensure affordability. I/We understand that my/our income and eligibility is assessed based on the statements I/we have given on the application form. I/We will provide evidence of this by the “Date for Completed Documentation”, as requested on the Reservation Checklist.
  6. I/We understand that along with providing proofs and references to Leaf Living, I/we will also be required to provide proofs and references separately to a third-party referencing company who will undertake checks as part of the application process. These checks are detailed on the Reservation Checklist.
  7. I/we agree to receiving the fully signed Tenancy Agreement, Welcome Pack and any notifications or correspondence relating to the letting by email, to the email addresses that have been provided.
  8. I/We agree that if I/we withdraw from the lettings process for any reason, the Deadline for Agreement Date will be varied to the day after I/we make Leaf Living aware of my/our withdrawal. I/We agree that if this happens, Leaf Living may retain the holding deposit and will issue a notice to this effect within seven days of that decision.
  9. Details of Leaf Living Privacy Policy and how personal information will be used can be accessed at www.leafliving.com/privacypolicy

Circumstances of holding deposit retention

I/We understand that the holding deposit is paid on behalf of the household and Leaf Living may decide to retain the holding deposit in the following circumstances:
  1. I/We fail to provide evidence of my/our immigration status
  2. I/We provide false or misleading information during the application process
  3. I/We withdraw from the lettings process
  4. I/We do not take reasonable steps to enter into the Tenancy Agreement by the Deadline for Agreement Date

Reservation Checklist

  1. Terms of Tenancy

Leaf Living offer 12, 24 and 36-month tenancies. Please note that our tenancies do not include break clauses, but if you would like a break clause, please discuss this with your Lettings Consultant as we may be able to consider this on a case-by-case basis depending on the development. Please note that 24- and 36-month tenancies are subject to an annual Rent Review which is linked to the increase in Consumer Price Index (CPI). 12-month tenancies will be renewable with the new rent negotiated in line with market rents at the time of renewal. 

  1. Costs

Please note that all payments made in regard to this application/tenancy (holding deposit, tenancy deposit, final move in balance & direct debit) will need to be made by the same account holder on behalf of all applicants, where applicable. Should your application be successful, you will be required to pay a holding deposit within the agreed timescale to secure the property. The holding deposit amounts to one weeks’ rent, capped at £500. Upon signing the tenancy agreement, you will also pay your final balance which is made up of; 5 weeks’ rent as a tenancy deposit (if opting to pay a traditional deposit) and a month’s rent in advance and/or an apportionment of rent depending on your moving in date – please speak to your Lettings Consultant for further information or visit the "Quote" section of the applicant portal for a breakdown. 

By submitting this form, I/we agree that upon entering into a Tenancy Agreement, the money held as the holding deposit will be paid towards the first months' rent.

  1. Documentation required:

As part of the lettings process, Leaf Living will require the following documents no later than the date that is five days after issuing confirmation of your reservation via email, “the Date for Completed Documentation”. By proceeding with this application, I/we confirm that I/we have the following documentation readily available and will provide them by “the Date for Completed Documentation” by updating them to the applicant portal.

  • Proof of identity and immigration status in the form of passport (and visa, if applicable). Please note that whilst we can initially accept copies, these must be seen in person before you move in and Leaf Living cannot release keys until original ID documents are seen. 
  • Proof of employment in the form of:
    • The last 3 months’ payslips & the last 3 months full bank statements/transaction history matching the latest 3 payslips provided if employed.
    • Last year’s SA302 and the last 6 months full bank statements if self-employed. 
  • Proof of address in the form of a utility bill or council tax bill dated within the last three months. If you are unable to supply either of these documents, please discuss what alternative options we may be able to accept with your Lettings Consultant.
  • Proof of funds to pay final balance in the form of your most recent savings or current account statement.   

If I/we cannot provide the requested documentation by the Date for Completed Documentation, I will contact Leaf Living before this date, making a written extension request to provide the documents. In the event of failure by myself (or any one of the applicants) to provide all the documentation requested above within agreed timescales, Leaf Living may retain the holding deposit on the basis that I/we have given false or misleading information above in respect of my/our ability to promptly provide satisfactory proofs and references.

If Leaf Living decides to retain the holding deposit, I/we will be given written notification of this intention within seven days of Leaf Living making such a decision.

  1. References

I/we understand that we will be credit checked by a third-party company on behalf of Leaf Living as part of my/our application. This credit check can be carried out via any of the UK’s credit referencing agencies. I/We declare that we have no undeclared adverse credit history or history of mismanagement of money (bankruptcy, county court judgements, individual voluntary agreements, returned direct debits, exceeding overdraft arrangements or unplanned overdraft, etc.) I/We understand that undeclared adverse credit history or mismanagement of money being discovered during the referencing process will be deemed a failed reference based on misrepresentation.

I/We understand that the third-party referencing agency will look to obtain references from my/our employer(s)/accountant(s) which verify my/our income and/or stability of employment as well as satisfactory reference(s) from my/our landlord(s) covering my/our last 12 months of living history to confirm that I/We do not have any bad tenancy or rental history. I/we confirm that our landlord(s) and employer(s)/accountant(s) will be prepared to provide a reference.

Development Checklist

  1. The development

Leaf Living at The Paddocks is a mixed tenure development located in Braintree District Council. There is ongoing construction at the development, so should you take occupation of one of the properties on this development you will likely experience construction noise, traffic and dirt etc. Leaf Living is a separate company to the construction company and therefore has limited control over these factors. 

  1. Completion timescales

You understand that as this is a new development, completion dates are an estimate only. While we will do our best to move you into your new home on your desired move in date, delays may occur. Your move in date is also subject to referencing being completed and contracts being signed. Leaf Living will not be responsible for any costs incurred as a result of delays.

  1. Utilities

Water supplier: Anglian Water. You will not be able to change your water supplier.

Electricity supplier: British Gas. You are free to change your electricity supplier.

Gas Supplier: British Gas. You are free to change your gas supplier.

  1. Satellite dishes

The properties have terrestrial television aerials available. However, these are not compatible with other television services such as Sky etc. Should you wish to install additional services such as Sky, a dish will need to be erected on the property. You will need to contact your Property Manager to discuss this and gain written approval before arranging for any dishes to be installed on the property.

  1. Broadband

The properties are BT Openreach ready, however you will need to contact your preferred provider to arrange your subscription.

  1. Specification

The properties are provided with kitchen appliances but are otherwise unfurnished. The homes also have blinds installed to all windows. Wall decor seen in the show home is not included, walls are painted white as standard.

  1. Parking

Each property has at least two parking spaces attributed to it. Please note that it is your responsibility to park responsibly, and Leaf Living will not take responsibility for any vehicles parked incorrectly. Parking Control Management Services may be in operation on site, and it is your responsibility to check before you park to avoid fines.

  1. Pets

Pets are permitted with prior authorisation at no extra cost - please advise your Lettings Consultant of the breed of your pet on the application form. You will also need to complete a separate “Pet Application Form” providing more details about your furry friend(s).

  1. Floorplans

You confirm that you have seen the floor plan and understand that while every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the plans, they are for indicative purposes only. You also understand that if you are reserving the property off plan, you may not get the opportunity to view your actual home before your move in date.

Yardi Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you have read and acknowledged Yardi's Terms and Conditions which sit on our Company Website - https://www.leafliving.com/termsandconditions